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Demonic forces of art and commerce fight for territory in a post-apocalyptic inferno, while diminutive minions keep the ball rolling below…

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Gnomon School of Visual Effects specializes in computer graphics training for careers in the entertainment industry.

Located in Hollywood, California, Gnomon is in the heart of the entertainment industry and is considered the gold standard for training in computer graphics. Gnomon educates developing artists as well as provides advanced technical training to some of the most reputable film and game studios around.

All of Gnomon's instructors are top-level professionals currently working in the industry. They work and consult for studios such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Blizzard Entertainment, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Disney, Sony Interactive, Activision, and more.

Gnomon has a variety of educational options to help you reach your goals as an artist in the entertainment industry, with full-time two and three-year programs, in addition to our 10-week Maya Fast Track and over 100 individual courses.

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